Anat Evyatar



Born in Givatayim, an agronomist and a graduate of the Hebrew University,

today I live and work in Kerem Maharal in the Carmel Mountains.

My initial encounter with clay was “love at first touch!”

In the late 90s, my journey began in Givat Haviva, with Avner Singer, who opened the doors for me to experience and explore this wonderful material. Handling clay enables me to discover infinite combinations. Each idea brings a new, different and mind-boggling experience which allows me to travel in a boundless space where many paths diverge. This expense is often confusing and elusive. But I am still in love and still curious and filled with expectation before I embark on each path that will expose me to new material, an interesting firing process or a challenging shape.

I am happy to tread the path and dream.

And I always anticipate the opening of the oven with the myriad of emotions that accompany this moment: endless joy, the pain of disappointment, anger at a missed opportunity, and perhaps the ambiguity of insignificance.

It is clear to me that the moment my journey becomes routine, I will not be able to continue to create.