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Amiela Runcan

Living in Tel-Aviv and working in my own studio.

10 years of studies at the Tel-Aviv Art Museum and 6 years of working at the Giv’at Haviva Art Center, specializing in primitive firings (Raku, Smoke and Pit firings).

All my years as a potter I created functional ware as well as decorative ware, fired in various primitive methods.

The emphasize in my work is on aesthetics, simplicity and conveying the beauty of the clay itself. This is why my work with primitive firing is so important to me – it gives the clay the stage it deserves, it requires simple forms and at the same time it is unpredictable as far as results may go and each firing opens the horizons to new ideas.

It is very important to me that people who acquire my pots will enjoy them, as I enjoy creating them


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