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Rina Lutzky Levy
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Creating jewels in a unique technique by knitting silk and cotton threads and combining beads and metals collected one-by-one in exotic markets around the world.

I entered the jewels design field as part of a nerve injury rehabilitation, following the exposure to dangerous materials while serving as Drugs Profile domain manager in the police department.

And I fell in love…

The delicate hand work helped in the rehabilitation of fine motoric, and moreover - opened a gate to a new world of color, textures, and aesthetics in creating jewels.

The love for knitting and handling the soft material fits in the creation of knitted jewels.  The diverse creation possibilities with the threads enable infinite combinations of the materials.

Precisely because of my Daltons, I create a unique combination, that "normal" vision" couldn't have reached.

The jewels can be picked from an existing large collection, or customized.

I work in my own studio in Kfar Adumim.

The desert's serenity is weaved with love into each jewel. Each one is a one-time unique creation.




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