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Vardit Nigal


Living in Hod Hasharon.

I always had a strong creative inclination. My years of involvement in music led me to work in piano tuning and repair.

I also studied shoe design in Germany and I am involved in our family business of orthopedic shoes.

A potter neighbor of mine, Doron Ya’akovi,  was responsible for a course-change in my life and became an important teacher and inspiration, as well as other teachers and places I studied at along the years.

My studio is located in my backyard and is a small corner that allows me a lot of freedom.

I’m always in a learning process, renewal, glazes and firings- looking for the excitement in creating. This is the way I’m progressing, giving myself the freedom in the process- as I do with playing music, and in life as a whole.

I participated in several group exhibitions, including the Israel Ceramic Biennale in 2007.   

I’m a partner at “Chomer Tov”, a ceramics cooperative in Newe Zedek, Tel-Aviv, since 2005.

I’m more interested in the process of creating, the thinking and working, than participating in exhibitions. Of course – the feedbacks are important and our gallery provides me with joy and enthusiasm.

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