Anat Sapir



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I have Graduated from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, in Jerusalem, Israel,

I have A background in industrial design and ceramic.

The collection is handmade from glass beads which are combined with materials such as Silicon, gold-filled, silver and metal springs.

The beads are created by a torch technic,

an old technic where the glass is melted in a heat of 900 degrees, wrapped on a metal spear and creating the bead.

The jewels have a classic touch, although most of them are leaning towards a more modern geometrical line, sophisticated jewelry and with strong - powerful shapes. An enchanted artistic look creates a dialog between the piece and its owner.

"Nature in all of its forms gives me an infinite inspiration, so is the glass, which is a versatile and changing material".

The brand can be found on stores shelves since 2005, and being sold in Israel, USA, and England, in selected stores and galleries.